Thought we’d take a little departure from comics today to share another of my irrational passions with you —-




So, fellow cereal lubbers… how much would YOU pay for this delicious bowl of Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies?


$100?  $200?  $300???


It’s a bargain at any price, I’m sure you’ll agree!


But wait — don’t answer yet!


If you act RIGHT NOW, you’ll get not only the delicious cereal, the sparkling-clean spoon and bowl, and the delicious lactose-free skim milk (don’t worry – you’ll get used to it, in time!), but you’ll also get…………





But remember, it’s not sold in any store!  It only exists in my kitchen o’ cereal delights, where cereal is served 24/7 and it’s BYOB (bowl)! 😀


Seriously, I had this very bowl of cereal this morning, and I don’t know if I was especially hungry, or it really is as awesome as I described it, but it was SO GOOD.


The cereal by itself is quite good, and has always been a personal favorite of mine, but adding some marshmallows we got from the local farmer’s market really kicked it up several notches for me.