Well, my wife and I finally managed to procure a box of Twinkies cereal at our local Walmart after months of scouring the shelves for it.



The first thing I did, as I often do with a new cereal, was to take a big whiff of the bag before pouring any of them out.  Sort of like sampling the bouquet of a fine wine.  Sort of.

It smelled good; how do I describe the smell?  It smelled like you would probably think a box of “Twinkies” cereal would smell – really sweet, and a hint of some kind of bakery product.

I always want to try new sugary cereals, and with this one, I had to know if they cram cream inside of it (as you can see from this piece that I bit in half for you, they don’t).



I wasn’t surprised, or even disappointed, for that matter, but wouldn’t it have been cool if they did?

The cereal pieces themselves sort of resemble Twinkies.  Personally, I think they more resemble little circus peanuts (they’re a bit curved and bulbous at the ends, and even their color is slightly orange-ish):



Happily, though, they don’t taste like circus peanuts.  It could be argued that the world didn’t even need a Twinkies breakfast cereal all that badly.  It really doesn’t need a circus peanuts cereal.  IMHO.

Sorry about the slightly fuzzy pictures, btw.  Took ’em with my cell phone, which is usually a bit sharper (must have been an issue with the phone – certainly couldn’t have been operator error!). 😉

Anywho, so, I like it!  My wife said, and I agreed, that they taste a good bit like Hostess’ “donettes” powdered donut cereal, except without the sugar coating on the top.  They stay crunchy, and, thankfully, aren’t spongy like the real deal.  They do leave a coating on the roof of your mouth.  I probably should have been more disturbed about that, but I really wasn’t!  You could have worse things on the roof of your mouth than a sugary film.

I think that’s probably a good note to end this one on!  Enjoy! 😀