Oscar and Annie

I created “Oscar and Annie” for a webcomic contest; it didn’t win, but made it to the final round, so I felt it had some promise.

It’s very different from other strips I’ve created.  I was kind of surprised when I started fleshing out the characters, and realized the strong emotional bond of friendship that exists between Oscar and Annie.  Most of my other comics have been very joke-driven and more sarcastic in tone.  I was taken aback a bit by what was coming out of my brain with Oscar and Annie, and decided it warranted further investigation.

If you’d like to see all of the Oscar and Annie strips from the beginning, click here!


Character Bios:


Oscar bio pic


Oscar is small, scrawny, slow, non-athletic…. he used to vastly prefer his own company (and his imaginary friend Steve’s) to that of most others, until he met Annie.  He’s also pretty slow to trust and open up to people, but Annie’s got a heart big enough for both of them, and she wormed her way into Oscar’s pretty quickly.  Although he sometimes doesn’t show it, his loyalty to and feelings of love and friendship for Annie know no bounds.


Annie bio pic


Annie is a lot of things – she’s athletic, a bit of a tomboy, but also very feminine, and has a heart as big as Ohio.  Maybe even bigger. 🙂

She does enjoy her solitude at times – she likes to spend a lot of time reading underneath her favorite tree.  But her favorite thing in the world is probably spending as much time with Oscar as she possibly can.

Steve bio pic


Steve is Oscar’s imaginary friend.  He can be a bit sarcastic at times, and he tries to be a voice of reason to Oscar, who rarely heeds his advice.  Curiously, although he’s Oscar’s imaginary friend, Annie can see him too – but only when Oscar is there.  Apparently, the rules of imaginary friends can get kinda complicated at times.

Freddie bio pic


Freddie is Oscar’s dog.  He doesn’t do anything Oscar tells him to do, but he’s so cute, and Oscar’s so laid-back, he really doesn’t have to.  He has a pretty good life, all the way around.