Two new cereal reviews in less than two weeks?

Can such a thing be?



Oh, it can.  And it be.


Actually, the mindblowing thing is that it’s my second and third new cereal reviews in less than two weeks.  But I’ll get to that in a moment.

So, I’d seen this cereal in the stores here and there, and always wanted to try it, and my missus, being the enabler kind soul that she is, picked me up a box.  Family Size, no less.

This was a unique cereal.  A bit of an enigma, you might say.

When I opened the bag and took the first whiff… it really didn’t smell all that chocolatey.  Just kinda smelled like cereal.  Which was a bit surprising, given that the front of the box pretty much screams chocolate.

A lot of the reason I was intrigued by it, besides being the new-cereal-ophile that I am, was that, at first glance at the box, it looks like they’ve made cereal in the actual 3-D teardrop shape of Hershey’s Kisses.  Which would be a pretty cool thing.  And probably impossible.  Which is probably why they didn’t do it.

Instead, when we pour it in the bowl, we actually find this:



Yup.  Kitty treats! 🙂

I have poured enough of those out for kitties over the years to know kitty treats when I sees ’em.

So that was pretty interesting.  Also a bit surprising.  Still not off-putting enough to make me stop, of course.  😉

So, I poured myself a bowl, added some delicious lactose-free skim milk (health first, I always say, when it comes to sugar cereal, of course – plus, as an added bonus, it “Smells like a stinker!”™, depending on whom you ask!), and…..

It didn’t really taste all that chocolatey, either!  True to its vague aroma, it tasted like…. cereal, with maybe a hint of chocolate to it.

And that doesn’t exactly sound like a ringing endorsement, I know, and it’ll probably never be one of my favorite cereals, but the weird thing is… I keep finding myself eating it. 🙂

I’ve had about 4 bowls of it so far.  And I’m not even entirely sure why.  I think maybe because, despite being a corn-based cereal, it’s decently filling.  You feel like you’ve had a bowl of cereal when you’re done with it.  But yeah.  Looks like cat treats, doesn’t taste or smell like chocolate, but…. darn if I don’t like it.  Go figure.

The third new cereal I’ve had in the last couple of weeks was this little bit of weirdness:




The missus picked up this one, too, actually for herself, I think, although she seemed a little fuzzy about having even purchased it at all, when asked.  Probably trying to block it out of her memory. 😉  I mean, the Cap’n looks even more crazed than usual, which is saying something.  He seems just a wee bit too eager to get us to try this cereal, doesn’t he?  Like he knows something.  Never trust a sketchy sea captain with eyebrows on his hat and a maniacal grin who’s trying to “Crunch-A-Tize” you with a questionable cereal product, I think, is a pretty good maxim to live by, in general.

Anyhow, I’m using a stock photo, instead of bothering to take a pretty picture of it on my counter, so, as you might have guessed, I was indeed not all that crazy about it.

I’m not really all that crazy about cotton candy, period, so I admittedly brought some anti-cotton-candy bias into it.  Instead of intriguing me, this latest candy-turned-into-a-cereal iteration just leaves me wondering “Why?,” mainly.  I will say that, unlike the Hershey’s Kisses cereal, this one does at least smell a lot like what it’s supposed to resemble.  Not that that’s necessarily a good thing. 😉

The flavor was pretty weak, in general, I thought, which was pretty surprising, given that this box screams “sugar coma.”  I was ready to be done with this bowl before it was over and was regretting that I’d wasted my morning cereal experience on it, which is never a good sign.

I think that’s why I keep doing these reviews, though, really.  I genuinely look forward to my cereal experience nearly every single darn morning.  It is an absolute treat, to me, to sit and eat a bowl of good cereal.  But, there are a lot of good new meds out there these days, so we’re hopeful. 😉