Another successful experiment in the name of science!

So, I bought a box of Trix.  I haven’t had Trix in a zilion years… I ate it occasionally as a kid (Mom bought it when it was on sale and/or she had a coupon for it… :-)), but even then, I was never all that excited about it.  It was just too…. intense, for me, really.  If I wanted to eat a fruity cereal, there were too many other good ones to choose from that were a bit less tangy (Froot Loops, Fruity Pebbles, Frankenberry, Boo-Berry… even Smurf Berry Crunch, which was SUCH a good cereal, back in the ’80s… but don’t get me started).  At best, Trix was a decent palate-cleansing cereal to eat in between boxes of chocolatey cereals.

However, now that we buy our own cereal marshmallows at the local farmer’s market, I thought maybe I might enjoy it a little more if I tried it again and added my own marshmallows to it.  Even so, it sat in my pantry for a good while because even I doubted I was right.  And I still had too many other good cereals I could eat first. 😉

But, in the name of science, I recently opened it and decided to put it to the test.


It turned out I was right!



Or, hey Gary, in this case. 😉

It was actually a good bit better than I remembered it being.  It’s still pretty tangy, but it was good – sweet, fruity… well, fake-cereal fruity, anyway – it doesn’t resemble the flavor of any actual fruit, but darn if it isn’t fruity, ya know?  The marshmallows definitely help – I highly recommend adding them.  As my wife pointed out, it has a tendency to get soft in milk somewhat quickly, so having some firm marshmallows in there makes that less noticeable.

Although I do have a bone or two to pick with their marketing department.

If you notice on the front of the box, they refer to this as “Classic” Trix, because their “fruity shapes” have returned.

To the “kids” working in Big G’s marketing department these days, I’m sure this is the classic version.  To those of us old enough to remember things a little differently, though, it just ain’t so.

The first Trix I remember eating as a kid in the ’70s was ball-shaped puffs and only came in 3 colors/flavors.  Perhaps you remember the rabbit singing about them, as he got more and more excited about the prospect of eating his favorite cereal:



Also, is it just me, or does that not look like the marina where the 3-hour tour got started??



Then again, every marina looks like that marina to me…


ANYwho, as time went on, they added more colors and flavors and eventually started making them in fruity shapes.  And apparently, at some point, they then reverted back to the puffs.  I’m way too lazy to look up when.  And now, they’ve gone back to the fruity shapes again.  So, if the ’80s or ’90s are classic to you, then this is classic Trix.  Some of us just remember things a little bit differently, is all. 😉

And, they are apparently still, after all these years, tormenting that poor rabbit:



Seriously… after all this time…. would it really be that awful to let the rabbit eat this stuff???

It begs the question why they’re depriving him in the first place.  He needs to figure out where Lucky is getting his Charms from, ya know?  Lucky somehow has all of the Charms in his possession and refuses to share them with the kids who are always after them.  (Do they not sell them in the stores near where Lucky and these kids live?)

All I’m saying is, give the dang rabbit a dang bowl of Trix.  He won’t eat it all that often anyway once he tries it, I assure you.  The rabbits in our yard eat clover while I sit on the porch eating my Trix and have never once showed the slightest bit of interest in it.  But if they did, I would happily share it with them!

Actually, I think, years ago, they took a poll and kids across the country, or maybe even around the world, who knows, overwhelmingly voted to let him eat the Trix, if memory serves.  I can’t remember what came of that, but…. would anyone really be that upset at this point if we let the rabbit have one lousy bowl of it?  He probably wouldn’t even complain that they’re not really classic!

Although, given the spastic nature of some of the bunnies in our yard, I can only imagine what they’d be like all hopped up on Trix!

Haaaaa…. hopped up.  Bunnies.  🙂