Well, I finally found a new cereal worth reviewing, after a lot of duds.


Chocolate Eggo Waffle cereal!




If you like chocolate cereal, this is a good one.


It’s sweet, crunchy, stays that way in milk, and has a good chocolate flavor.  It actually tastes good and makes me want to buy more of it, which you’d think would be the goal of a cereal company, but I haven’t been able to say that about any of the other new cereals I’ve tried in recent memory (yes, I’m talking to you Dunkeroos, Tropical Froot Loops, Elf on the Shelf, Pokemon, etc., etc…).


It’s best served cold, from the fridge, although I realize those of you who have more than two people in the house probably don’t have room to shove boxes of cereal in your fridge.  But if you do, it’s worth it.  And it’ll keep longer, too. 😉


It also makes for very chocolatey milk at the end, if you like that sort of thing.  I can’t drink the stuff myself (tummy issues!), which is a shame, because I always enjoyed guzzling the milk afterwards.  Except that one time my mom put my brother’s used cereal milk in my Snoopy thermos and sent me off to school with it, thinking I wouldn’t notice it in my lunch that day, as you may remember my mentioning here before and immortalizing in comic strip form (Chex Milk Surprise!).


On a fun side note, I also got my cereal out of my bowl this morning with this fun little item my missus got for me for my last birthday:



Does she know me, or what??? 🙂