The reality isn’t quite this dramatic.  It just feels like it sometimes.

Milo has kidney issues, and he’s criminally insane, so to regulate his pain and mental stability (as well as ours), he gets a daily cocktail of opioids and Prozac.  Not even slightly kidding about that.

The opioids come in chewable form, but because he’s the weird little kitty that he is and won’t eat treats of any kind (and, the vet has also said that the opioids taste pretty terrible), we actually have to pill him.  So, we (gently) cram a chewable tablet with a little Prozac squished into it down his gullet once a day.

And he takes that every bit as well as you’d imagine he might.  Actually, all things considered, he doesn’t really fight us all that badly.  But there are days when I’d swear he says “Noooooo” as clearly as any human being ever could.  It tugs at the heartstrings, but in no way outweighs the wholly undesirable alternative of an unmedicated, insane kitty in what is probably a sizable amount of pain.