And, for a last little peek down Memory Lane (for now, anyway), I chose yet another of my personal favorites from the Daily Kent Stater.  Me and my good buddies John and Ralph used to like to go to local ballparks and hit softballs to each other every now and then.  The batter would toss them to himself and (theoretically, anyway) hit it to the other two, who were waiting in the outfield.  I had a bit of a penchant for whiffing, though, thus the inspiration for this strip (and this one as well).

I enjoyed the big buildup of this strip, the reverence they show toward the first hit of the season, and how it all goes down the toilet when Harold swings and misses.  And Jimmy’s mocking clap at the end, as well.  I received many of them from my friends throughout the years… and I really did look forward to spring every year when things finally warmed and dried up enough for me to be able to go outside and play (and still do, actually!)

On a side note, check out how big Harold’s schnoz is compared to Jimmy’s!  (That’s his nose, for those of you not as familiar with fuddy-duddy terms as me…) :-)