Okay, so, long story short – I created a comic strip character called “WonderBrat” for an assignment in school in the 4th grade.  I soon started creating my own WonderBrat books, drawn in pencil on sheets of typing paper folded in half, with the covers colored in crayon and/or magic marker.

They were pretty awesome, as you can imagine. 🙂

I drew about 10 of them in about a 2-year period.  Then, I cartooned less frequently as I got older, although still doing it whenever the mood struck.

WonderBrat has come and gone in various incarnations ever since.  I painted him on the side of a friend’s car (with his permission!) and started drawing him online under different names (Hamster Tails, I’m Telling Mom!).  I paused for a bit to work on another strip, “Oscar and Annie.

I did Oscar and Annie strips for about a year, and spent most of 2017 working on a children’s book featuring them.

I never know which strip I’m going to work on at any given time, so I decided to post both of them here, on one site, and whatever I feel like working on is what you’ll see when you pop in!  And of course, you can read the archives here as well.

Anyhow, WonderBrat features Harold Wilson, a grade-school kid who becomes the Mighty WonderBrat when summoned by calls for help, and when he’s in the mood to do so.  His best, not-so-bright friend is Jimmy.  There are various and sundry other characters whom I will describe in more detail at some point in the not-too-distant future I am sure!