Cereal tip for the day:


So, I tried Cocoa Pebbles Crunch.  It was on sale at Ollie’s (a local NE Ohio area grocery, for those who don’t know) and it was a good cereal day there.  This one was under 3 bucks, which is nearly free compared to what most stores are charging these days!


It certainly is a crunchy cereal, but on the bland side, flavor-wise.



I add sugar to most flake cereals that I eat, but that seemed a bit extreme, for a chocolate kids’ cereal.  I actually pondered adding marshmallows to it (got my latest ones from Amazon, although our local farmer’s market has started carrying cereal marshmallows again) but my wife had just gotten some really good-looking strawberries, and I thought, what the heck – chocolate and strawberries go together, right (see picture at top!)?


I didn’t really have very high expectations – it didn’t seem like the kind of cereal you’d add strawberries to.  And maybe it isn’t, but it tasted really good!


So much so that it’s the only way I’ll eat it now.  And we’re out of strawberries so I guess I’m headed back to the store soon for more.


So, cereal lesson for the day – when in doubt, give the strawberries a try.  Ya never know!