This is another one drawn (literally) from personal experience.

Once you put a Slinky in your toy box, all hope was lost, right?  Because no way was that thing not getting tangled with every other toy in there.

Slinkies were doomed to short lives of actually walking down stairs anyway, because one coil would inevitably get twisted, and the stupid thing would never walk right again.  And you’d try to untwist it, but it never would.  Kind of like the old phone cords, if you remember those.  You’d wrap them around your finger while you were talking, you’d un-kink one coil, and it never went back to the way it was, no matter how hard you tried to fix it.

Which is probably why I ended up putting the Slinky in the toy box – you didn’t want to throw it away, but you were tired of trying to fix it.  And the next time you opened the toy box – one big toy came out.  Never failed.

But I still loved my toy box – I remember I had those weird little Disney figurines that were on these little platforms, and you’d push the button on the bottom, and the figurine would collapse, and then you release the button, and they’d stand up again.  Anybody?  Am I the only one who remembers those?

And every other weird little toy you ever owned ended up in there.  You might not play with all of them very often, but on the occasion that you DID want to play with that one particular toy, you knew you’d find it in there if you dug hard enough for it.