I’m back! 😀

I haven’t published any new comics here in over a year, and I haven’t published any new Oscar and Annie comics in almost 3 years!

I haven’t been entirely lazy in the meantime, though.  I did self-publish my first and only children’s book so far, also featuring Oscar and Annie.  And I took a little hiatus to get the creative juices flowing again, which, happily, they are.  Figuratively, at least, anyway.  😉

So yeah, here we are, back again, with some brand-new Oscar and Annie comics.  I plan to publish a new one once a week or so and see what happens!

I love drawing strips showing Oscar getting blown around by the wind.  Obviously, I guess, since it was the entire premise of the above children’s book. 🙂  This week, he’s using it to his advantage to get his work done faster.  Work smarter, not harder, I always say, and Oscar seems to be a huge proponent of that adage.

Enjoy! 🙂