Dunkaroos are a dish (or, in this case, a bowl) best served cold.


But let’s back up a little…


So…. apparently, Dunkaroos were a snack back in the ’90s featuring some cookies and some frosting you could dip them in.



I was aware of them, and I respect any product that contains frosting to dip things in, but I don’t recall ever having had them myself.  I was too cheap to spend money on something I could make myself much more cheaply, and I don’t think I was ever able to calorically justify sitting there with a tub of frosting and dipping cookies into it.  I still can’t, but darn, it sounds like a good idea otherwise, doesn’t it??


But I digress.


So, Dunkaroos were a snack, and now they’re a cereal.  And, as I do with most new sugar cereals that look at least a little intriguing, I gave them a try.


But let’s back up even further…


Any time I buy a cereal that claims to be vanilla flavored, all I’m really trying to do is to find a cereal that compares to my long-lost, often mentioned and, sadly, long-lamented beloved cereal from my childhood — Vanilly Crunch.



Ahh, there they are… gorgeous globes of vanilla-y goodness.


I’ll get to the review.  Just let me vent a little. 😉


So, they created Vanilly Crunch when I was a kid, and it was the greatest cereal ever, and the Cap’n cruelly ripped it out of my hands the minute he found out I liked it.  It was a foreshadowing of things to come, unfortunately, for me.  When “Mikey” likes a horrible cereal like Life (forgive me, Diane….), they scream “He likes it!” and make gazillions of boxes of it for all eternity.  When “Gary” likes a cereal, they wring their hands and twirl their moustaches and go “Mwah-ha-haaa!” and whisk it off to cereal heaven and toss me a box of puffed wheat and say, “Here ya go, kid, eat that – it’s good for ya!”


Well, let me tell you something…. I knew Vanilly Crunch.  Vanilly Crunch was a friend of mine.


And you, sir, Dunkaroos…. are NO Vanilly Crunch.




So, anywho… back to Dunkaroos, the cereal.  So they make this cereal, and my bride and I tried it, and we both said pretty much simultaneously, “It’s bland.”

Not a ringing endorsement.  But it was true.  Not a ton of flavor, especially for something that’s supposed to taste like cookies dunked in frosting!  I could taste a slight crunchiness from the little sprinkles on top, which I enjoyed, but the cereal itself had very little to scream about.  Not awful, but no great shakes.

And so, as I usually do, mainly to keep cereal from going stale because we like having 6 boxes or more open at any given time, I threw it in the fridge.  And, much like with Little Debbie’s Oatmeal Creme Pies cereal before it, doggone if that didn’t improve it!  I actually ate Dunkaroos cereal a couple of days in a row after trying it cold; I think it stiffens the cereal up a little bit, making it a little crunchier, and, as I’ve discovered over the years, most sweet stuff tastes better cold to me anyway, so… there ya go.

Again, not exactly a ringing endorsement.  I thought it was all right, but, also like Little Debbie’s Oatmeal Creme Pies cereal, I wouldn’t go out looking for it again.  But, if you’re dying to try Dunkaroos the cereal, and you have room in your fridge, toss it in there and let it cool overnight first, and then give it a try.  Your taste buds will thank you for it.

But if you want cereal that tastes like cookies dipped in frosting, this ain’t it.  And besides, I learned via my research that they’ve brought the actual Dunkeroos snack back again, so… why have the bland cereal version of something when you can have the real deal?  Or, better yet — just go buy that tub of frosting I never had the caloric courage to try doing myself, and dunk a few cookies in it for me.


Your taste buds will definitely thank you for that!  😉